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If you are not currently licensed, you do not have to worry. We will help you obtain your license and start making money. Follow the steps below to get licensed. Requirements and fees vary for each state.

REQUIRED LICENSE: Life and Health Insurance Producer

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Pre-licensing training usually cost over $150. Your commitment to joining our team gets you a FREE voucher.

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Check requirements for your state.


Schedule your test ASAP while you are studying. The testing facility may not have any test dates for 2-3 weeks. 


Test fees vary per state.

pass your exam


If you did not pass the first time, each state will give you 3-4 times to take re-take the exam in a year.


Get fingerprinting done.

apply for license

Check your state requirements for the proper process to apply for your license.


Apply for your license

Check up on status

Print your license

If you need to renew your license and take state required CE credits, FFL will cover the cost of your CE course.

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